Titan FX offers tradable energy commodities with two exciting oil pairs:


XTI/USD (West Texas Intermediate Crude or US Oil), a high liquidity, high transparency market, which acts as an indicator of the overall health of the US economy


XBR/USD (Brent Crude or UK Oil) accounts for two-thirds of the world’s crude oil and is also traded with high liquidity and transparency; its market includes both speculation and real demand trading


While the oil market is increasingly globalised, unique traits of the production regions as well as the ever-changing global economy have created trading opportunities for these two different oil contracts. 

Why Trade Oil at Titan FX?

  • Up to 500:1 leverage
  • Price movements are driven by supply and demand
  • High liquidity
  • Long and short positions available to meet market conditions
  • Institutional investor grade spreads

Commodities Trading Hours

Oil Symbols Market Hours (GMT+3) Market Hours (GMT+2)
Brent Oil XBR/USD 04:00 - 23:59
0:01 - 01:00 & 04:00 - 23:59
(Tue ‐ Thu/ Friday 23:55 Close)
03:00 - 23:59
(Monday 01:00 Open)
WTI Oil XTI/USD 01:00 - 23:59
(Friday 23:55 Close)
01:00 - 23:59
(Friday 23:55 Close)

Energy (Crude Oil) Spreads

Energy - Oil Standard/Islamic  Blade
Brent Crude vs US Dollar
0.71 pips 0.59 pips
West Texas Intermediate vs US Dollar
0.69 pips 0.57 pips

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