Anti-money laundering (AML)

It’s our responsibility to prevent our platform being used for illegal conduct. Therefore, we have a number of stringent AML procedures in place, including:

  • refusing to accept cash payments 
  • monitoring accounts for suspicious activity such as smurfing, layering or integration
  • suspending accounts suspected of money laundering until a full investigation is conducted
  • verifying customers’ personal information during the account application process to minimise fake profiles 
  • complying with relevant national and international laws regarding AML procedures 
  • keeping diligent records of all transactions for potential use in future investigations
  • trading only through accepted accounts 
  • refusing deposits from third parties on a client’s behalf 
  • reporting any suspicious activity to relevant authorities


We’ve partnered with Shufti Pro for ID verification 

Shufti Pro’s verification services deliver important benefits while ensuring clients experience a seamless onboarding process. The Shufti Pro team understands Titan FX’s commitment to  fraud prevention and undeterred revenue generation. Shufti Pro’s state-of-the-art SaaS solutions engage both artificial intelligence and human nous to accurately and simply verify each applicant. The process is diligent yet not cumbersome for traders. Shufti Pro is a UK-based company with headquarters in Sweden, and is well equipped to handle our global verification requirements, with its Universal Language Support program.


Incorporated in Vanuatu

We are incorporated in Vanuatu - company number 40313. Titan FX is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. Many global financial brands operate in Vanuatu including ANZ, QBE, AON, Pacific Private Bank Trustees and many other leading law firms and accounting practices. 

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